Some thoughts about painting and my art work


 Definitions:  1) The Process:  Painting, to a great extent is "copying".  Painters copy either nature or other paintings; or interpret these with the brush as they appear in  their memory or dreams".

2)The Value : Strangely,  paintings  now days are  considered as valuable art objects by using only the yardsticks of "originality, "novelty" or  a " signature-fame". Thus copying, "après art" remains largely unappreciated and undervalued. That is why one can   presently acquire more or less "close" copies of famous paintings for a minuscule fraction of the price of the original through Asian and Eastern European "copying workshops". Furthermore, the new "digitized" color printing and photo editing techniques can sometimes produce amazing likeness on canvas of masterpieces for even less.

My offer:  Copies and studies of Impressionist-, Post-impressionist- and Old masters , including  original  oil paintings and watercolors for sale.

I have  created, during a span of  over forty years,  a sizeable  "après art"  collection  of paintings deriving from the originals of French Impressionists, such as  Pisarro, Sisley , Renoir, Cezanne , Manet  and particularly Monet;  post impressionists, such as  Utrillo,  Gauguin,  Van Gogh,  Marquet,  Klee  and van Dongen;  old  Italian Renaissance masters, e.g.  Botticcelli , Uccello,  Perugino,  Filippino Lippi,  da Messina, della Francesca, di Cerdi, Raffaello, Ghirlandaio, and  Pollaiuolo. Works of the Flemish artists Rembrandt and particularly Vermeer are also included  in my collection;  from pre-impressionist French school  Fragonard and Corot are represented .  I have also made few studies of American and Hungarian painters of the 19th and 20th Century.

What distinguishes my artistic activity and paintings from the techniques and products of mass produced replicas ? 

I  have been exhibiting my own oils and watercolors; and won several prizes  at many  physician- artists exhibits,  internationally. My copying art  is similar to that of professional  copying artists, who work in World- class museums, making one copy at a time, spending precious  time, talent and effort in studying the originals, and copying them on site. ( I once obtained  the "Copyist" permit from  the " Louvre " in Paris, which,  to my  regret,  could not  utilize. Instead, I commissioned there two copying artists to make few high quality reproductions for my collection). I  particularly  wish to  separate myself from those craftsmen, who crank out  several "hand made" oil painting reproductions  daily in "sweat shops" (mostly in Asia), which subsequently  are sold, by the thousands  at "bargain" prices.

Already a long time ago, as a board certified medical doctor- anesthesiologist,  I was presented with the dilemma: shall I work few hours more in the hospital each day  to generate additional  income,  or shall I paint, for which there was only fascination, desire for learning and relaxation.. I chose the latter; and have not regretted it.

My collection is unique for the approach I followed:  1) I  have started painting as a hobby, deriving  from the enthusiasm toward  certain paintings I liked  and from the admiration of the  talents of  famous  masters. 2)  I did not hurry and have not faced deadlines. 3) Before starting, I have spent time studying the painting in question in the Museum, made my own notes, photographs on the details of the painting ; often even compared  the progress, and/ or the end results  re-visiting the  corresponding Museums in  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stockton,  Chicago, Washington, New York, Boston, Williamstown and North Hampton in MA, Shelbourne, VT, London, Edinburgh,  Amsterdam,  The Hague, Otterlo,  Paris,  Rouen,  St  Tropez,  Nice,  Grenoble,  Basel, Lisbon, Berlin,  Essen,  Florence, Perugia, Venice, Vienna,  Budapest,  Pecs, St. Petersburg,  Moscow and Tokyo. 4) I  have  paid meticulous  attention to the details. Some of my paintings took weeks, sometimes months to complete. 5) Besides retaining about one half  of my collection of  well  over 300 paintings I am offering only the other half for sale; and I prefer  to sell only  15-20 paintings  annually.  6) As a unique accomplishment, after a thirty year long development- period,  I completed: a) the reproductive "interpretation", rather than copy,  of the entire series of  thirty  paintings  on the Rouen Cathedral by Claude  Monet,  b)  a significant part of reproducing the same artist’s  famous "Series paintings" such as the " Haystacks,  Gare St Lazare-s, Poplar trees and Water lilies". Thus, probably I have assembled the largest self produced Après art Monet collection" West of the Mississippi."

As a tribute to those painters to whom I developed special affinity and appreciation I have created a "Series of Artist’s Portraits" of over twenty paintings (A project still in progress)

Most of  my paintings are offered at the very reasonable  price  range of  $200-5,000

Important Note:

Part of my collection, e.g. part of the "Series paintings of Monet" and the group of "Artists Portraits" are not for sale, but can be contracted for exhibits. Further, my unique interpretive series of Monet’s all thirty "Rouen Cathedral" paintings, (Exhibited first in Palos Verdes CA. January 2011) including their graphic and photographic "derivatives" (an evolving  project) is intended for a possible donation to a cultural and / or educational organization with the proviso  that  adequate  public display and maintenance will be provided.

In addition to the selection of paintings on this Web Page, my works can be appraised through requesting photographs and/or through personal inspection. A complete list and details both on the originals and on the copies, including dates, sizes, framing and prices are also available on request.