My Art and Après Art (Story and comments of an amateur artist)

Biographic sketch

My name is Laszlo Gyermek MD, PhD., a Hungarian by birth (1926), and U.S. citizen since 1962. I have been an anesthesiologist and medical researcher; presently Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology at the Harbor- UCLA Med. Center in Torrance California. Although I have had no formal education in painting, I grew up in a family of several artist- members and became an amateur painter. My father, Laszlo Gyermek Sr., also a physician, has been active in performing – and fine arts in Budapest, Hungary. My grandfather has been a stained glass and mosaics designer (He is known as the co-designer of the monumental mosaics of the "Palacio de belles Artes" in Mexico City. Many church windows and mosaics in Europe were also of his design ). My great grandfather: Janos Gyermek, originally a porcelain factory painter, became a teacher of drawing and art design in Tata, Hungary. My only brother Steven, a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy of Amsterdam, is an art historian and graphic artist.

In the past forty years I have been active primarily in "copying art". I have created a large collection of "Impressionist facsimiles" ( e.g .those of Monet, Pisarro, Manet, Van Gogh, Gauguin and others) and stud y pieces of old Masters: (e.g. two large panels of Uccello’s: "Battaglia di San Romano", and works of Raphael, Philippino Lippi and Vermeer among others). My original watercolors and oils have won several prizes in physician -artist exhibits internationally. A member of the Amateur Artists Association of America, my interests also extend to tennis, classical music, wine making, sports flying  and travel, including the writing of travelogues. With my wife, Emilia Bathory-Rausch, I live on the Palos Verdes Peninsula . We have two sons. Laszlo jr. has been trained as a Chef, and Francis is a consultant in the Movie Industry. They both live with their families in Colorado and California.